Things To Do During Covid-19 Restrictions

From 5th January the UK is in National Lockdown (05/01/2020)

For full details on Guidance visit the website -

A few ideas of things to do...

  • Go for a walk
  • Meet ONE friend at the park (observing the social distance guidance)
  • Phone your Friends and Family
  • Skype
  • Phone Silver Line or Samaritans if you need support
  • Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals
  • Jigsaws
  • Reading
  • Birdwatch / Nature Watch
  • Gardening
  • DIY
  • Deep Clean the house or the car
  • Tidy that bottom cupboard you've been putting off!
  • Traditional Boardgaming if you are home with the family
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Baking
  • Crosswords and Puzzles
  • Write - a song, a story, a journal
  • Join a Penpal service - A Letter from Louise
  • Knitting, Crochet and Sewing
  • Movie Marathon, BoxSet Binge
  • Collate your Photographs
  • Sort your winter/summer wardrobes
  • Make a plan of what you want to enjoy when you can get back out into the community
  • Pamper yourself with a facemask or paint your nails
  • Take Care of yourself even if you don't see anyone
  • Learn a new language using an App or online source
  • Virtual Tours of London/museums and more
  • Share your tips on how you're practicing social distancing, as well as a photo of you at home to show others they are not alone

Staying active at home - Alive West Norfolk

You don’t need fancy gym equipment to stay active. Everyday activities such as doing the vacuuming, hanging out the washing, and mowing the lawn all count towards your daily activity levels.

Try to break up long periods of sitting by getting up and moving for a few minutes every hour. You could dance around your living room to your favourite music, or walk up and down the stairs.

Our Alive team have created some online fitness class videos to help you get healthy at home.

For The Love Of Scrubs - Our NHS Needs You - This group was formed by Ashleigh Linsdell after identifying the shortage in supply for scrubs to frontline NHS staff during the 2020 COVID-19 Epidemic. This facebook group is a platform to enable those who are able to, and would like to contribute towards supplying hospitals local to themselves with scrubs for front line workers. The requirements for scrubs has evolved and we are now also supporting the wider community with face coverings.

Museum Virtual Tours

Online theatre productions

Online plays and theatrical performances

Postcards of Kindness - an initiative that asks people to write and send postcards to residents of care homes. And while it’s a small gesture, the resulting deliveries bring a great deal of joy and spark lively conversations among the older people who receive them.

West Norfolk Academy of Music - offering online video lessons via FaceTime/WhatsApp/Messenger/Skype -

Skype/ Facetime guitar and drum lessons - Proffessional experienced Teacher, Stef Judd - adults and children

Sweet Things Savoury - If you need a chat, just pick up the phone, all the staff at Sweet Things Savoury will happily have a chat with you if you are feeling lonely or isolated. - 01945 474594

The Sofa Singers - A free & weekly online singing event from @jsillsmusic that brings people together from around the world to spark joy and human connection.

The Virtual Pub Quiz - Home of the Original Virtual Pub Quiz that went viral and broadcast live to over 200k people!

Virtual Table Top Games - Play any tabletop game online with friends

Age UK - Get Creative - A household Poem - Creative Poetry workshop by Grape Arts 

- If you do not have access to the Internet and would like support over the phone to exercise at home call Active Norfolks helpline 0344 800 8020 and select option 5.


Guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK and protecting older people and vulnerable adults

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