Forest activities for children online during lockdown

Although our forests are open to you for local outdoor exercise once per day, the latest government guidance has asked everyone to stay at home as much as possible.

To help you stay connected to nature, we're bringing the forest into your home. Whether you're looking for activities to entertain the children, tips to improve your wellbeing, or stories about forest wildlife, we'll be sharing everything you need to get your forest fix.

Forest bathing at home, for children 

Taking time to encourage children to use mindfulness is beneficial for their health and wellbeing. But how do we achieve this when we are staying at home?

Download our forest bathing activity sheet, find a quiet spot where they feel safe and relaxed and start practicing the art of forest bathing!

Become a Tree Explorer! 

Download your own Tree Explorer activity pack to learn all about our forests, and the role we play in caring for them.

This pack is designed to be used at home, in the forest, or anywhere else you'd like to learn.

What's inside?
•Leaf-tastic leaves: Learn to identify a tree by its leaf shape
•Leaf rubbing: Make your own with paper, crayons and leaves
•Be a wildlife ranger: Discover how many creatures call trees their home
•Be a forester: Learn how to calculate the age and size of a tree
•Be a tree scientist: Experiment, and have a go at growing your own tree!

Beginner's guide to stargazing 

Download our twilight activity sheet to learn all about the wild world of the forest at night time! Expect some wonderful ways to keep busy at home whilst finding out about bats, hedgehogs and big eyed owls.

Inside you'll find:
•Fun facts
•A batty word challenge
•A hedgehog nose game
•A nocturnal word search
•Lots more!

These activities are suitable to use at home, in the forest, or anywhere else you'd like to learn.

Fantastic forests activity sheets 

No matter what age or ability, we want to inspire every generation to build a personal and lifelong connection with forests.

Test your children's knowledge of woody words with this forest focused activity sheet including a word search, and help them to understand the many uses of England's forests.

Details correct at time of update 25/1/21

Lynford Arboretum is a popular place for quiet recreation. It is noted for its variety of bird life, spring flowers and autumn fungi. Formerly part of Lynford Hall estate, the Arboretum still retains features which reflect its "parkland" origins. The present hall has a chequered history. It has served as a military hospital, Forestry Commission forester training school (1947 - 1957) and is currently a hotel and conference centre.

The Arboretum contains many interesting trees for example mature Norway Spruce usually only seen as a Christmas tree, Chinese Fir and Serbian Spruce which is extremely rare in the wild. It has been calculated that the ancient oak tree planted in the south of the Arboretum was planted in 1671 and therefore would have been a substantial specimen when Lynford Hall and estate was purchased in 1865 by Mr Stephen Lyne-Stephens. Since then the Arboretum has grown and has over 200 tree species, with future plans to increase the collection. Footpaths are suitable for Wheelchair users.


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Lynford Arboretum
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Footpaths are suitable for wheelchair users.

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