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King's Lynn Aeromodelling Club

King's Lynn Aeromodelling club is a must for all keen radio control aero modellers and flyers in the King's Lynn area. It can be very difficult for an individual to build and fly a radio controlled model aeroplane safely. The satisfaction of building an aeroplane from a variety of materials, trimming it out, flying it and finally bringing it down to earth in one piece without causing damage to itself or other people, property or yourself is wonderful and of course essential! Joining a club helps you enjoy your achievements and share the problems and the joys involved. It also is a great sport that is competitive and encourages you to achieve a range of skills at all levels and result in a flying model! The sport takes many forms and includes powered gliders, aerobatic aircraft, helicopters, sports aircraft and of course the ever popular Warbirds.

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Last updated on 08/05/2018
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