Nick of Time

The group, Nick of Time, supports  women considering their options and choices after discovering a hereditary risk of breast cancer, either because of known gene mutation or significant family history. We aim to help people build their own support network so that they don’t feel they are facing these choices alone. We use social media to keep in contact with ladies across the UK and share experiences.

‘Nick of Time’ organises get-togethers for people at risk of breast cancer, and their partners and families across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, providing the opportunity to meet face to face to share their experiences. We have established links with the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline and ‘Nick of Time’ now represents the East Anglia area as well as overseeing online support via Facebook page.

The group has also established BRCA+ Girly Getaway Weekends for ladies with a family history of breast cancer, which have become an annual event. The weekends give ladies the chance to unwind, have fun and build their own support networks whilst developing the skills to support one another.

Looking to the future, we are hoping to work more closely with the genetics team based at Addenbrookes and with the network of Keeping Abreast Support Groups to ensure that women discovering that they are at risk of hereditary breast cancer are able to make informed health choices.

We currently organise ‘get togethers’ across East Anglia throughout the year, these informal and usual take place in coffee shops or pubs.

We meet three or four times a year . We also organise an annual getaway weekend where ladies can spend the weekend meeting other people face to face.