ASD Helping Hands

"We aim to raise awareness of the specific needs faced by families and individuals affected by an Autistic Spectrum Condition"

Our Family Support team offer a bespoke package of support based on your family's needs. This could range from Benefit advice, educational issues to support and advice around behavioural issues.

We support by having an initial visit with yourself and any other professionals involved to see what areas we can support in. This is your chance to let us know of any issues or struggles you are having so we can support you to the fullest or find other agencies and organisations that can support you. Our support comes in the acts of:

  • Attending meetings
  • Form filling
  • Visuals and advice on their implementation
  • Drafting Letters to different professionals and organisations
  • ASD Specific Counselling
  • Training for Parents/Professionals

The Family Support Team will also support and recognise young carers, siblings, and the family.

We will support those of any age, of geographical location (may result in internet or phone advice), at any stage of the diagnosis process and we also support across the Spectrum, this includes those with ADHD, PDA and co-morbidity conditions such as Depression and anxiety. ​

We are able to carry out questionnaires on Demand Avoidance, School Refusal and Sensory Profile.


*Details correct at time of update 06/02/2020



Where to go

ASD Helping Hands
Room 219, Breckland Buisness Center
St Withburga Lane