Disability Real Action Group of Norfolk (DRAGON)

If you are a young person with a disability aged 11-25 and think you might be interested in joining a group which -

  • helps people to access and be involved in their community services
  • takes part in big decisions which affect the services people use
  • is a voice for people with disabilities
  • reviews leisure venues, clubs and other facilities
  • helps people make friends and have lots of fun
  • makes real change happen

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At the moment we are involved in a project called ‘On The Move’ with Active Norfolk. For this project we review leisure services to make sure that they are friendly and accessible to people with disabilities.

Dragons work with the police to train the police in ‘Achieving Best Evidence’ ABE. This is an opportunity for young people to find out more about what happens. It is a great opportunity for anyone who likes to act and to ensure that the police are trained to work with people with disabilities.

Dragons review Short Break services. This is when you will talk to young people who are going to the service to find out whether they are listened to and that they have choices when they are there as well as looking at accessibility.

Dragons are also are involved in other things such as interviewing staff for the Norfolk County Council, making sure that information is in a format that young people can understand and much more.

To become a Dragon you need to be between 11 and 25 years old. Able to listen to others. Able to be a voice for other young people with a disability. Friendly, and calm in new environments.

For some sessions you might need to be able to travel independently and if this isn’t possible a supportive family member or carer to support you to do this.


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DRAGON, Project Lead