The Civil Service Retirement Fellowship

The Civil Service Retirement Fellowship is a national charity dedicated to supporting the needs and requirements of all retired civil servants, partners and dependants. The charity provides signposting, information and advice on a whole range of later life issues. It also operates an active volunteering programme that includes two befriending services, The Phone Buddy Scheme and National Visitors Network (which has recently been extended to include Norfolk).

In addition to a national network of groups that run local programmes including educational speakers, social and leisure activities (it currently has groups in Swaffham, Mildenhall, Norwich and Attleborough that are happy to welcome any new members). There is also a book club, photography group and golf tour that is run in partnership with the NHS Retirement Fellowship.



Where to go


The Civic Service Retirement Fellowship can be contacted at Suite 2, 80A Blackheath Road, London, SE10 8DA