Vision Norfolk - Minibus Drivers

We are looking for volunteers to drive our accessible Minibus on routes across  Norfolk, supporting visually impaired people who cannot drive their own vehicle or access public transport.

Vision Norfolk relies heavily on its volunteer minibus drivers for the transport of blind and partially sighted people living in Norfolk.

Our clients enjoy getting out and about for sports and leisure activities, but without someone to drive the minibus, they are often unable to do this.

As Volunteer Minibus Driver, you will:

• Transport the passengers safely and efficiently between the two designated locations.

• Assist passengers in and out of the Minibus with appropriate support and guidance from staff.

• Assist passengers with pieces of equipment, wheelchairs and belongings, ensuring safety and security at all times.

• Drive in a safe manner within legal speed limits with due regards to emotional needs of passengers.

• Treat all passengers with courtesy and respect.

• Report any problems or concerns to a member of staff.

Being able to commit to driving the Minibus on a regular or semi-regular basis for us would increase the opportunities available to visually impaired clients to go out in to the community or on day trips elsewhere.


Contact Name
Penny Parker
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
Vision Norfolk