12th Man - Men and Mental Health

The role of the 12th Man is to talk openly about mental health, to listen, and to signpost people to additional support if they need it. In sports, if a teammate is injured a sensible suggestion would be that they seek professional support so that they can come back stronger. The 12th Man does the same.

A quick internet search for mental health services in your area will also help you find out what’s available locally, but it’s always sensible to recommend that people visit their GP as a starting point. It’s also important to remember that social connections and physical activity have a real benefit to people’s mental health and general well-being. This can be part of recovery, a tactic to prevent mental health problems or simply a way of maintaining positive health and well-being. Using the 12th Man kit can be a good way of normalising mental health and encouraging people to talk about it in everyday life.