GroundWork Gallery - Water Rising

GroundWork Gallery sits directly on a river, the Purfleet, which is is tributary of the Great Ouse which we can see from our windows. We are in a flood plain and water is both our benevolent neighbour, having for centuries brought the trade and commerce which is the source of the Town’s wealth, and its greatest threat, in our current era of climate change.

This exhibition features works by artists who are thinking about the resourcefulness we need as we live with water. How do we save water? How do we pit our strength against water? What happens when water threatens to engulph us? How do we cope when there is too much or too little water?

The exhibition includes work by Lynn Dennison, Simon Faithfull, Stewart Hearn, Susan Hiller, Peter Matthews, Annie Turner. Many more will be included in discussions and workshops during the course of the exhibition.


Parent Organisation
GroundWork Gallery

Where to go

GroundWork Gallery
17, Purfleet Street
Kings Lynn
PE30 1ER
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Time / Date Details

When is it on
Saturday 9th March - Sunday 2nd June
Session Information
Opening Hours during Exhibitions - 11am-4pm - Tuesday to Saturday