Folk Club at Wolferton Social Club

The Wolf Folk Club meets on alternate Thursdays (see calendar) at Wolferton Social Club. The club embraces all kinds of performance ranging from traditional folk songs performed in an authentic way through to amusing monologues or self-penned poems. Most meetings are a “singaround” format. Each performer gets their turn to do their bit to entertain the audience and fellow performers and we go round the room until everyone has performed. Not everyone is a performer. Many are content to just sit back and enjoy the music.

From time to time the club features some professional guest performers who may be touring the UK. Folk Club evenings start at 8.00pm. The evening is divided into two halves with a beer break in between. This gives everyone a good space to have a chinwag with their friends. 

During the beer break there is a raffle. The proceeds from the raffle fund the running of the club and go towards the costs of booking guest performers. 

The Wolf Folk Club is supported and enjoyed by people of a wide range of musical abilities ranging from beginners and the nervous through to thorough professionals. Everyone is valuable and treated as an equal. The atmosphere is relaxed, warm, welcoming and supportive. The club attracts people of all ages and is used by people with disabilities of one form or another.

A note for performers. We are an “acoustic” or “unplugged” club which means that under normal circumstances no amplification is used or permitted. Long experience has shown that amplifying the sound discourages listening and encourages talking to the detriment of the music making. 


Contact Name
Roger Young

Where to go

Wolferton Social Club
118, Wolferton
PE31 6HA
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