Help your local Community in a time of need in East and West Rudham

The adverse weather conditions early in 2018 highlighted how day to day life can be quickly disrupted, especially for the elderly, vulnerable and isolated. Situated on a main road we feel fairly secure but as was demonstrated in that brief period, snow or downed trees can seriously impact on people entering or leaving the village.

Many people in East and West Rudham rely on services provided from outside the village such as prescription deliveries, carers and food and milk deliveries and we all rely on the emergency services being able to reach us if needed.

You may well have seen on TV how in badly affected areas people provided assistance to others in their time of need. Therefore in association with Norfolk County Council and the Emergency services we are looking to establish an emergency plan for the Rudhams to assist if there is a need.

As part of this we wish to establish a register of people who have skills, access to equipment or are willing to help should there be any type of incident impacting on the village. For example Are you  ∙ First aid trained  ∙ A carer  ∙ Have access to a 4 x 4 type vehicle  ∙ Own a chainsaw 15  ∙ Have access to other plant or machinery  ∙ Willing to visit and check on neighbours.  The register would be held by the Parish Council co-ordinator who would be the point of contact for the emergency services in the event of any incident.

If you would be willing to assist or for further information please e-mail your details to or contact any Parish Councillor


Contact Name
Parish Councillor
Contact Position
Parish Councillor

Where to go

East and West Rudham where required
School Road
East Rudham
King's Lynn
PE31 8RF
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