TextCare - Discreet Home Monitoring System

TextCare is a home monitoring system that helps older people and people living with dementia to stay living safely and independently in their own homes for longer. It also provides families with much needed peace of mind that all is well and that help will be there quickly for their loved ones should they need it.

Textcare does not use cameras or listening devices. Using discreet sensors around the home, TextCare monitors movement, sound, light, temperature, doors, visitors and falls. It also has a panic alarm button for emergencies. Monitoring data is automatically uploaded to a private online portal every two minutes, and displayed on simple graphs.

If anything out of the ordinary happens, TextCare will send a warning alert text message to up to eight mobile phones.

TextCare is low cost, easy to use and simple to setup. Your loved one does not need a phone line or an internet connection.


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