Facebook Users - Scam Alert

Scam Alert – Facebook messages claiming to be from a friend asking if you could ‘receive a payment’ via PayPal – 15 January 2019

We are warning Facebook users about scam messages asking to use your PayPal account to ‘receive a payment’.

These messages come from a Facebook friend’s account but are actually sent by Fraudsters who have hacked the friend’s Facebook account and changed their password and phone number.

The fraudsters then message the hacked victims’ friends to ask them to receive payments through PayPal for various reasons. They often also ask for their phone number, so they can communicate through WhatsApp.

The fraudsters then convince the victim to receive funds into their PayPal account and transfer them into a bank account of the Fraudsters choice.

Having received the transfer a chargeback is then initiated through PayPal, leaving the PayPal account holder out of pocket.

If you receive a suspicious message from a friend on Facebook, contact them directly via other means to check the message is genuine.

You can find out more about keeping your Facebook account secure, including activating login alerts and two-factor authorisation on the Facebook website.