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Information Alert – Has ‘The Beast from the East’ caused damage or left you needing to make repairs? – 2 March 2018

If your home or vehicle has been damaged or left needing repairs from the current bad weather getting repairs completed will be something you want to complete as quickly as possible, but make sure in all the haste you don’t end up with a rogue trader or poor quality repairs.  Here is some advice to help you get the right trader and smooth repairs.

Never use cold callers who arrive at your property offering to undertake work.

  • Rogue Traders may use bad weather events as an opportunity to try to get householders to agree to them undertaking repairs.  These cold callers rarely give householders proper contact details or their legal rights to cancel within 14 days.  They may also claim more work is required than actually is to increase their profits and the work they do can often be of poor quality.

Choose reputable traders like a Norfolk Trusted Trader

  • When looking for a trader to undertake work on your property make sure they are a trader you can trust.  This could be a member of the Norfolk Trading Standards Trusted Trader scheme, a business known to you that you’ve used before or by recommendation from a friend or family member.  You can search the Norfolk Trusted Trader directory at

Get three (at least) quotes for the work

  • Try to get at least three traders to view the issue and provide proper written quotations to undertake the work required.  Compare them carefully to help you choose the right trader for the job

Never pay the full price upfront

  • Good businesses or tradesmen will not require payment until the work is finished to your satisfaction.  Some may ask for a percentage to cover materials or specific parts if they are expensive but if the trader is asking for full payment upfront don’t contract with them.

Talk to your insurance company first

  • It’s important to speak to your insurance company before arranging any repairs.  The insurance company may require you to use a company approved by them or may want to see quotations before authorising the work and subsequent payment.

If you need further advice on choosing a trader or help in dealing with disputes with companies contact our partners the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06

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