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Work to safeguard adults highlighted

29 September 2017

Work to tackle safeguarding concerns about adults will be discussed by county councillors.

The county council’s Adult Social Care committee will consider an annual report by the Safeguarding Adults Board, which is made up of agencies working together to tackle abuse.

Councillor Bill Borrett, chairman of the Adult Social Care Committee, said: “It is crucial that all of us report any concerns about other adults who are being abused whether it is physical, financial or any other type of abuse and I am impressed with all the work that the Safeguarding Adult’s Board does to raise awareness of the issue."

Joan Maughan, independent chair of the Safeguarding Adults Board, says in her introduction to the report that she wants to “continue to build and strengthen the work with partners to ensure that residents of Norfolk live free from harm and abuse”.

The annual report shows that:

  • 50 per cent of the 1,200 safeguarding enquiries received by the county council, police and other organisations were fully substantiated
  • Physical abuse was the most common type (800), followed by neglect (300), financial (250) and psychological (150)
  • The age group most at risk was the 18-64 group, at 40 per cent
  • Women were more likely to be at risk (54 per cent)
  • 89 per cent of people felt safe, after making their safeguarding enquiry

A survey of 192 people showed that, if they came across abuse or neglect:

  • 40 per cent would deal with it themselves or report it to someone
  • 33.3 per cent would call the police and/or social services
  • 17.1 per cent would call social services
  •  9.3 per cent said they didn’t know what to do

For further detail on the work of the board, please see

 The Adult Social Care committee will discuss the report when it meets at 10am on Monday, 9 October.

For political comment, please contact:

Cllr Bill Borrett (Conservative), Chairman of the Adult Social Care Committee, on 01362 860200
Cllr Mike Sands (Labour), on 07557 634894
Cllr Brian Watkins (Liberal Democrat), on 01603 259306


  • People who are lonely or isolated are at a much greater risk of abuse. The council’s In Good Company campaign connects people to their communities and reduces isolation which will, in turn, reduce the risk of abuse and neglect. For organisations to receive the In Good Company kite mark, they need to demonstrate their awareness of safeguarding issues and how they can put measures in place to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect.
  • The county council has worked with the Stonham Home Group to run a pilot scheme, offering low-level support to people with serious self-neglect or hoarding issues. This will be developed into a service to be rolled-out across the county.
  • Social care has also been working with Trading Standards to identify people with care and support needs who have been victims of scams, so that support can be put in place to reduce their chances of becoming a victim again.
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