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Scam Alert – Telephone cold calls about home and loft insulation – 29 January 2018

Norfolk Trading Standards has received a number of reports of telephone cold calls about home and loft insulation.  Recent reports have included:

  • Calls asking if the home owner has had additional insulation installed ‘as part of a government scheme’.  In this case when the call recipient confirmed they had the cold caller claimed that ‘a large amount of insulation installed on these schemes is the wrong type’ and that the insulation may be ‘breaking up to dust’.  They went on to claim that this could lead to ‘problems’ like ‘breathing difficulties’ or that the dust could pose a ‘fire risk’.  The cold caller then attempted to make an appointment for one of their ‘staff’ to visit and undertake an ‘inspection’.
  • Calls asking ‘how long ago it is since your loft was last inspected’ and then stating that ‘their company had a contract that covers all of Norfolk to arrange loft inspections to establish whether they are well enough insulated’.  When questioned the cold caller went on to claim that ‘Council Tax will rise from April 2018 if you do not have an Economy Performance Certificate showing you have sufficient insulation’, that their work was part of the ‘Government Clean Growth Strategy’ and that ‘Increased Stamp Duty would apply on new purchases of property’.

Trading Standards advises always be very wary of any approach made in a telephone cold call and never give or confirm any personal details or agree to someone visiting your home if approached in this manner.

Impartial advice on energy saving and accessing genuine grant schemes is available for the Energy Saving Trust.

If you need advice about telephone cold calling or have agreed to a visit during a cold call contact us via our partners the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on their online reporting form or by telephone to 03454 04 05 06.

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