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Easier access to council services

We've launched a brand new service 'My Account': register for yours now!

A brand new service 'My Account' has been launched at the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk making it easier than ever for residents to check on their Council Tax bill, report issues and track progress on those reports, and check on Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support claims.

Cllr Nick Daubney, Cabinet Member for Systems and Economic Development, said: "This is another important step forward in our efforts to make our services more accessible to people 24 hours a day. Previously people could submit a report online, but they wouldn't be able to check on the progress of that without calling. Now by registering for 'My Account' they will be able to see what's happening with their request. 

"Equally people will be able to view their Council Tax bills online, check when payments are due, and if they claim Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit they will be able to view and amend their personal information, track the progress of their claim and see when their next payment will be made.

"In addition, 'My Account' provides answers to many frequently asked questions about a range of services."

Registering for 'My Account' is easy. Simply visit our My Account page and follow the instructions. Anyone registering will need a valid email address, plus a Council Tax bill account number and/or benefit claim reference number if they wish to access personalised information.

Cllr Daubney added: "'My Account' is the next phase of our digital transformation process. We launched our new website last year, which meant more services could be accessed online, now people can access their own personal information at a time and in a place that is convenient to them. 

"We have also introduced web chat, to assist people with online enquiries and a new 'My Notifications' alert has also been added so people can set their location to find out about planning applications near them and their bin collection days.

"We hope all these changes will mean that people can access the services and information they want, when they want it, without needing to visit, phone or email."

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