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Scam Alert – Telephone cold calls claiming to be from BT Openreach – 15 December 2017

Norfolk Trading Standards are warning residents to be aware of telephone cold calls claiming to be from BT Openreach.

During the cold call the caller will claim that they have ‘detected issues with your Broadband Router’ and will then make a number of claims about scammers, hackers or malicious software ‘accessing your router’.

The cold caller will then tell you to switch your router off then back on again and let them ‘know which lights are showing’.  They will then attempt to convince the call recipient that any lights that are flashing (which is common on most routers whilst restarting) signifies a problem.

The cold caller will then try to gain remote access to the call recipients’ computer to ‘fix the problem’.

These calls are a scam and are not connected to the company the cold caller is claiming to be from.  Well-known computer companies and telecommunications providers do not cold call offering to fix problems with computers or broadband equipment.

We always advise to be very wary of telephone cold calls and the claims made during them.

If you have received a telephone cold call which you believe to be a scam you can report it to us via our partners the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06.

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