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Anglian Water unlocks second half of £1million funding pot to help communities battle second wave

Almost a year ago, Anglian Water launched plans to establish a new £1 million community support fund to provide a cash boost for local communities to meet emerging needs arising from the pandemic. 

Last year, half of the company’s Positive Difference Fund (PDF) was made available to help front-line organisations in the immediate response to the pandemic. Today, the water company is announcing the remaining funds are to be made available to help communities meet emerging needs and adapt following almost a year of Covid impact.

Anglian will continue working with 15 Community Foundations in the East of England and Hartlepool to allocate the Fund. The money will help local charitable organisations deal with issues in the community as a result of the continuing threat of coronavirus. Organisations like food banks, outreach programmes and those helping the most vulnerable can ask for continuing support from the Positive Difference Fund via the Community Foundations to help those experiencing financial hardship, potential for hunger, lack of shelter, access to education, further exacerbation of health issues, loneliness and isolation.

We’ve temporarily changed our call centre hours to protect our staff

This means that waiting times for our Extra Care Support service may be a little longer than we’d like – and we’d like to say thanks for your understanding

Opening hours Monday to Friday - 8am to 8pm. 10am to 4pm

Bank holidays Closed Christmas day  Saturday - 8am to 4pm. Sunday - 10am to 4pm

Details correct at time of update 28/1/21

We all need a little help from time to time, sometimes not having enough money to pay your bills can be a challenge, so if you’re finding it hard, get in touch with Anglian Water and they'll work with you to come up with a payment plan that's affordable for you.

If you are worried about your water bill, you can contact Anglian Water via WebChat or call their team on 0800 169 3630 who are specially trained to handle sensitive issues and are dedicated to giving you the help you need. They call this Extra Care Support.

Here’s how Anglian Water can help;

-Save Money with a meter:Did you know most customers saved £150 by switching to a meter? Having a meter installed is completely free.  You can switch back at any time in the first 2 years with our switchback guarantee!

-Extra Care Assessment: They will ask a few questions about your circumstances to see if they can lower your bill. This assessment will also check if your household could receive extra income through state benefits.

-Breathing space: They can put a hold on your account for up to 2 months to give you a bit more time to pay when you’re seeking support from help organisations

-Flexible payment plans: Anglian Water have a range of different payment methods to help spread the cost of your water bill and make it more manageable - See Pay my bill   -Special tariffs: If you have a low income or receive one of the qualifying benefits we might be able to reduce the amount you pay. -Water Direct: Take away the hassle of paying your bills by paying directly from your benefits. -Help in a crisis: Anglian Water understand that life events can happen. Changes such as terminal illness, a family bereavement, domestic abuse or being victim to a scam can have a sudden but lasting effect. These events could have caused you to fall behind with your payments, leaving you in debt with us. As part of the Extra Care Support, they will listen to you and learn about your circumstances then consider one of the 2 following options:

  1. Arrange for you to make regular payments and after a year clear any remaining debt for you.
  2. Pay your debt for you with a one-off crisis payment.

-Knock and wait: When Anglian Water call at your home. they'll wait outside for a much longer period of time after knocking to give you enough time to answer.   -Nominate a trusted person to deal with your account: With your permission, Anglian Water can discuss your circumstances and how they might be able to provide support through their Extra Care Services with a carer, family member or friend.  



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